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KLM 100 Years

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We would like to advise you of the latest arrival at the store – House Number 100, Huis ten Bosch Palace. issue to celebrate the airline’s 100th Anniversary. All houses available for purchase are intact with seal and contents (**). Add or complete your collections now. Worldwide shipping is included on orders of GBP £100 value or more. For larger quantities of 10 or more items, please contact us directly for the most cost effective options.

(**) Contents will evaporate over time, so a small percentage of houses may be empty at the time of dispatch.

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About KLM Delft Blue Houses

blue_delft_87KLM Delft Blue Miniature Houses presents some of the traditional old Dutch houses situated along the canals in Amsterdam and other age-old towns in Holland. These houses are presented to travelers on board KLM flights in Business Class. The miniatures contain the famous Dutch young jenever, distilled by Bols Distilleries. Reproductions of the complete range of miniatures are in our store. All KLM Delft Blue miniature houses from house number 1 to the very latest house number 100, now is available at our store. We sell good quality KLM miniature houses, all KLM Delft Blue miniature houses are direct from manufactory. Click here to buy these 100 collectable KLM Delft Blue miniature houses.

Delft Blue No. 100

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Delft Blue House No. 5

KLM Delft Blue House Number 5 – Amsterdam. Buy Now.

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